Record Labels

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Beat Butchers

Swedish Record Label.

Brrapp Records Land

A '77 old school label with some cool stories, and a DIY page


Contrast Records, zine, North East Show list, and more.

Epitaph Records

Bad Religion, NOFX, SNFU, Down By Law, Rancid, and MUCH more!!!

Fearless Records

Home of the Punk Bites compilation, Blount, The White Kaps, Glue Gun, and more!

Hopeless Records

Rad indie label from Cali! Digger, Funeral Oration, White Kaps, 88 Fingers Louie, Guttermouth, and more!!!

Lookout Records

home of Mr. T Experience, the Queers, and much more! Buy and listen!

Rot'En Rolls Home Page

Rot 'En Rolls home page Free Records and more!!!

Royal Flush Records

Punk/Ska/Harcore Distro/Label:

Sha-La Music Homepage

Sha-La Records - Indie Record Label

Smart Ass Records

located in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.


Punk, hardcore, ska.punk label, D.I.Y....

The spawning grounds/mock brawn records

Music files from tucson outcasts, punk and undefinable...

Subway Records

German's Specialists in raw&raunchy punk'nrock'n roll since.. oooh I forgot! Our website contains infos on all our international bands plus tourdates, news and free cds-giveaways!

Torque Records

Torque Records homepage, The Suspects, The Rejekts, Positive State, The Goons, Lickity Split,

Toybox Records

rockin and rollin since 1992

Triple X Records

Old-school OC punk like D.I., Adolescents, and new punk.


URININE records Indy indie punk rock label

Underdog Records WWW Pages

Chicago D.i.Y. label, zine, distro. There are sounds & links! Go there

Uprising Records homepage

Uprising Records out of Ann Arbor, MI. A diverse indie label.

Wingnut Records

The best punk, Nothern California.

Worston Records

Underground non-prof. label focusing on punk and noisepop

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This page is sponsored by:

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